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When it comes to soft washing, render cleaning and roof cleaning, you might be forgiven for not thinking of safety and training. Whether we are performing drone operations or working from heights our staff are fully competent and trained to avoid any accidents or injuries and to operate a safe code of practice.



It is crucial you choose a professionally trained capable company that can work legally with current health and safety legislation. Also, COSHH-trained staff will use the right professional chemicals for what they intended and safely.


Active Cleaning Services has become the go-to company for recognised professional and Health & Safety training from a trusted body, such as the City & Guilds and HSE.


We are proud to be one of the first 10 companies in the country to successfully achieve and complete competency assessments that led to being awarded the City & Guilds assured certificate.



This not only demands cutting-edge practices in the industry with the least impact on both the customers' property and the environment but also puts Active Cleaning Services ahead of the game on COSHH and health and Safety when working.



What’s the one part of your house you rarely ever look at?

Let us help you with that... THE ROOF.

The finishing touch that protects our homes and businesses.

Although we can easily recognise the build-up of moss, which can lead to blocked gutters and downpipes, also damp could lead to structural damage and costly repairs. Moss gets five times heavier when wet and provides a breeding ground for other biofilms that also have a bio-corrosive effect on the tiles, such as red, green and black algae and also eroding lichens. Moss and liverworts put down long roots that can displace tiles and even damage or crack others.


All have lived on this planet for millions of years and are tough and extremely resilient.



Our cleaning service will be delivered to you by a uniformed experienced technician.

After an initial drone survey, we can examine and share pictures. We can assess the type and condition of tiles on the roof. Also the pitch and determine access requirements including any safety concerns. We can then put together a proposal of the safest most effective approach, and where access is needed, completing a strategy that minimises environmental impact.




This will include scraping back the debris, using a specialist state-of-the-art scraper tool that is laser cut & designed to fit each tile shape.

Removal of the moss and debris from the roof then, cleaning out gutters additionally, disconnecting the downpipes and preparing them for any treatment runoff.

Following that we can then select one of our professional grade, label compliant, fully licensed biocidal treatments.



The biocide kills the biofilms at the cell wall level by piercing through them, penetrating the organism, and killing it all the way down to the root system.


After it dies it then biodegrades. In addition, the biocide continues to disinfect prolonging any regrowth.

Once dry the solution is PH neutral and safe for your pets.


We keep in regular contact with our customers and at any point, we would be happy to schedule another drone inspection and re-treat with biocide if needed. We recommend every couple of years to proactively keep your roof clean, moss and bio-film free for years



Feel free to contact us by email or phone. We would be more than happy to give you a full site survey and produce risk assessments and method statements where required, to reassure you that you and your business are in safe and competent hands

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